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Quality of the work

  • Precision of the pieces
  • Regularity and constancy
  • Regular inspection of pieces during production by
    different executives
  • Respect of quantities
    and deadlines
  • Rigorous follow-up
    with routing order

New technologies - new machinery

New bender and new punching machine for more precision and constancy

Respect for deadlines

Our largest concern is to provide the best possible delivery according to the client's needs. All deadlines established with the client are respected.

The Company's Mission

The metal industry in Granby depends
on a major player

Estampillage Leduc offers its clientele impeccable metal products and services as only a family company knows how to provide

Located on rue Leduc in Granby, Quebec, Estampillage Leduc is a family company working in the metal transformation industry that values quality, respect and assurance in the performance of its mandates. Whether it is an estimate request, for sheet metal bending, CNC cutting , stamping or metal punching projects, our team is committed to offering a highly professional service and the best prices possible for the quantity requested.

Although the company has nerves of steel, it can be flexible when it comes to accommodating its clientele. By promoting collaboration with its clients, Estampillage Leduc has built a reputation of trust over the years.

  • Quick response to requests for estimates
  • Best possible price according to the quantity requested
  • Quality control based on strict standards
  • Regular inspections of ongoing production
  • Exactness with regard to number of pieces sent
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Courteous, fast and efficient service
  • Spirit of collaboration and friendliness
  • Concern for the environment (ecological work methods)
  • Focus on sustainable development