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Quality of the work

  • Precision of the pieces
  • Regularity and constancy
  • Regular inspection of pieces during production by
    different executives
  • Respect of quantities
    and deadlines
  • Rigorous follow-up
    with routing order

New technologies - new machinery

New bender and new punching machine for more precision and constancy

Respect for deadlines

Our largest concern is to provide the best possible delivery according to the client's needs. All deadlines established with the client are respected.

The advantage of quantities In the field of metal transformation, you will not find a more competitive
price for small quantities!

At Estampillage Leduc, we do everything possible to offer a superior quality at the most competitive rate. For the transformation of metal pieces (punching, embossing, CNC cutting, bending of sheet metal, etc.) in small quantities of 1 to 2000 pieces of metal, Estampillage Leduc is simply fantastic!


In addition to being very competitive for small quantities, our speed of production is fast and efficient: depending on the orders we can deliver the same week.