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Quality of the work

  • Precision of the pieces
  • Regularity and constancy
  • Regular inspection of pieces during production by
    different executives
  • Respect of quantities
    and deadlines
  • Rigorous follow-up
    with routing order

New technologies - new machinery

New bender and new punching machine for more precision and constancy

Respect for deadlines

Our largest concern is to provide the best possible delivery according to the client's needs. All deadlines established with the client are respected.


We excel in metal prototyping (CNC) of small quantities An extended offer of services: metal prototyping for analysis purposes,
metal stamping (embossing) and bending of sheet metal

Estampillage Leduc is incessantly innovating and developing its offer of services to satisfy a more demanding clientele. Depending on know-how that has been finely perfected over the past decades, our range of metal transformation services now includes metal prototyping.

In addition to the current metal transformation activities such as bending, embossing and CNC cutting, we are also able to fabricate several models – 1, 2 or 3 pieces of metal – for purposes of verification and analysis. Visit us for more information on CNC prototyping.

Estampillage Leduc meets all your metal machining needs with constancy, respect and precision.

Engineering (designing) services also available upon request.

The most often used materials are:

  • Pickle and oil steel: thicknesses of 24ga
    (. 024) to 10ga (. 135)

  • Heat laminated pickle
    and oil steel:
    thicknesses of 16ga
    (. 060) to 1/4 » (. 250)

  • Galvanized steel: thicknesses of 26ga
    (. 022) to 11ga (. 123)

  • Satin steel: thicknesses of 24ga
    (. 028) to 11ga (. 123)

  • Aluminum: thicknesses of 22ga
    (.025) to 1/4 » (.250)

  • Stainless steel: thicknesses of 24ga
    (. 025) to 12ga (. 109)

Nonferrous metal

We are also able to work with all other types of nonferrous metals such as brass, copper and other
metals in bars or sheets, depending on the availability of the metal products.

Material in bars

Material in bars is also offered in thicknesses of 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch.